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It's time to actually enjoy being in the performing arts.


Each day you aren't feeling fulfilled or inspired within your life as an actor, singer, or dancer, you're missing out on happiness that's available to you today.
You can finally stop deciding between being a happy human OR artist. 
You get to have BOTH.



My clients are insightful, openminded, and committed to growth.

They work with me, because they know they want more.

Any of these sound familiar?

You're feeling ready to level up.

You know what you're capable of and you want to be in the next level room. But you're struggling to feel confident and relaxed about belonging there.

You want more opportunities.

You see other people thriving and it feels like maybe the Universe forgot about you. You know what you want, but you're not sure how to have it.

You crave stability and ease.

You have been making it all work, but you're exhausted. You're constantly putting out fires, but what you really want is grounded simplicity and ease.


I promise...

You're not alone.
Your problems aren't complicated and unsolvable.
Your unique circumstances don't change the odds of you getting what you want.
There IS a solution.

I can help you.

I get my clients results with a simple process.


Step 1: Manage your mind.

Thoughts are optional. You'll start identifying thoughts from facts to see through your old narratives. With deeper awareness, you can react less and respond more. You'll build a Mindset Toolbox to support yourself in any circumstance.

Step 2: Decide who you are.

It's easy to have the career and life you want, when you know Who you want to be. This part of the process serves as your North Star and will influence how we build all areas of your life. Using Belief Before Results, you'll create endless possibilities.

Step 3: Love yourself and your decisions.

It's safe to love and trust yourself. You'll let go of indecision and shame, because you know how to have your own back. Life will continue to happen, and when you're loving yourself and your decisions, it's a different life experience. This literally impacts everything - your relationship with time, money, your body, your partner, your career path, and most importantly, your relationship with You.

Step 4: Commit.

Your brain will always offer a way out of doing the hard, scary thing. You will learn how to take radical responsibility and fully commit to anything you desire. With this skill, your goals go from possible to inevitable every. single. time. Plus, you'll learn how to do this without the struggle, exhaustion, and hustle, because we're going to be celebrating along the way!


What Actually Happens

We work together 1:1 for 6 months at a time.

This length of time guarantees the best results with my process. 6 months is the perfect amount of time to see real transformation while accounting for the highs, lows, and everything in between. At the end of 6 months, you will feel completely different than when we began.

If your goal requires more than 6 months, renewing the container gives you an opportunity to re-enter the agreement as your Highest Self. Many of my clients renew to keep moving towards new goals they hadn't realized were possible for them before.

Every week, we meet for an hour.

You commit to giving yourself an hour a week to focus on your growth. Each call is an opportunity to practice and step into who you want to be in the world. It's imperative that we meet regularly to clean out your brain and address any limiting beliefs that may be impacting your decision making. The way you show up in our container directly correlates to how you are showing up for the rest of your life.

I will be your Truth Mirror.

As your coach, I provide an objective perspective. I am always 100% on your side and advocating for your vision. This means I will say the hard thing, even when it's uncomfortable. Because you don't need another friend. You need a coach to keep you honest about what is happening in your life and why. This leads to life changing results.


During our calls, we do the deep work AND we have a lot of freaking fun.

There's room for it all.

And of course, your coaching container includes

➞ a safe space that's 100% confidential

➞ genuine love, support, and full belief in everything and anything you want to create

➞ your biggest 5’1” cheerleader (I'm too loud for co-working spaces...)

➞ progress tracking and celebration of your wins

➞ your coach (me) having coaches to manage my own brain, giving you access to the highest quality thinking and coaching available

My commitment is always to help you see and experience your life in a powerful way that keeps you launching towards what you want with ease - all while feeling Lizzo-level GOOD AS HELL!

No matter where you are starting, I can help you.

Choosing to invest in coaching will transform your life in ways you can't fully imagine yet.

Clients come to me and leave feeling like "a totally different person." They describe it as lighter, happier, more hopeful, and excited about what's coming next. 

You can deeply love who you are while giving yourself permission to be the fullest expression of you during your ONE AND ONLY human life.

It's all available to you right now.

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