Work with Me

I can safely say that I’m living the life I used to dream about...

➞ I live with my favorite human and life partner Steve (who is a Chef!) in NYC
➞ I’ve performed in 2 Broadway shows
➞ I have the time and energy to genuinely enjoy my life, performing career, and my business

But most people don’t realize that my life and energy did not always feel this light...

✗ I used to hate working my restaurant jobs and was in a constant state of struggle
✗ I thought about changing career paths non-stop and questioned if I was good enough
✗ I was constantly seeking love and approval from others to validate my worth

... it honestly really sucked most of the time and my life felt pointless.

Basically, I did not know what the f*ck to do to feel better.

I was totally waiting for someone or something to come and save me.

(We've all had the fantasy of someone reallyyyy rich coming along to solve all our problems, right?)

My life totally changed when I learned that I had way more control over my life than I ever realized.

I started by using my mind to feel better. I started understanding my emotions. I learned what it felt like to love myself. I meditated. I visualized. I did all the things with full commitment (including believing in myself) no matter how crazy I seemed to other people.

I even quit my job by telling them I booked a Broadway show - without having a contract, yet.

And, then it happened.

I got the call while taking a nap in Starbucks!

I manifested my Broadway debut in less than 6 months.

And now after recreating the process over and over, I know with absolute certainty that I did this with my mind by creating my thoughts and deliberately choosing who I wanted to be.


I learned how to live the life I wanted, instead of just hoping it would come.

If there's anything you takeaway from my experience, please realize that no matter where you are, how you feel, or what you think is available to you in this moment...

Literally anything you want is possible.

It all starts with deciding to believe in yourself by knowing your worthiness. You can actually have anything your heart desires!



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