Are you ready to feel

confident, calm, and certain

about your career?

Your life experience as an actor, singer, or dancer can be enjoyable, grounded, and stress free.
Even when you're auditioning, booked, touring, a contract's ending - and unexpected personal shit happens in between.

It's safe to get off the emotional rollercoaster of high vibe hustle, self doubt, and forced positivity.


From one manifesting queen to another, I know you've already created wild shit in your life from being in alignment and feeling good. This isn't your first rodeo.


Deep down you know that you're capable, talented, and destined for greatness. 


You've experienced it. You've been claiming it. Visualizing it. Owning your big dream.


The problem is when you start looking around and wondering, soooo, when do I get to actually LIVE the dream I've been imagining?


You double down on your mindset, go all in with preparing and believing in that this next opportunity could be the one, and vow to get back to feeling good and being grateful.


Because you're in your fucking prime and you have a great life!


It doesn't change the fact that it constantly feels like, I need to figure out the problem!


At the end of the day - even after going ALL IN to invest time, money, and energy to your career - it factually isn't happening.


You want to be happy for other people - and you even genuinely ARE!


But watching other people continue to book opportunities, live the life, and even have the kind of relationship you desire feels like...

a low-level ping of jealously

plus a hint of guilt (because you're not a bad person!)

and a half hearted reminder that your time is coming.


Which only restarts the cycle all over again.


Because who knows... are you even on the right path??


How much rejection can one person handle?


It feels like you are constantly building your life around this career - so you can be ready at any moment - and all you have to show for it your frustration, disappointment, and an unfulfilling side hustle.

This is the part where I tell you that nothing is wrong with you.

And there is a solution.

We're taught that this career path is supposed to be filled with sacrifice, struggle, and limited opportunity.


This breeds competition, not-enoughness, and a widely accepted energy of unhappiness and dissatisfaction with this chosen profession.


This is why so many performers are wasting time trying to be different, unique, or something other than who you already ARE to book the job.


On top of feeling like they can't have the life that they *actually want* until after they leave the industry. 


Because if you aren't willing to be miserable and exhausted while going for it - you "don't want it badly enough." 


Inside MOMENTUM, I'm going to help you unlearn these ideas and teach you how to experience your career with abundance, unshakeable confidence, and self trust.


I'm going to show you how simple it is for you to love your career, while feeling fully resourced - physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially.


So that you never feel like you're choosing between pursuing your lifelong dreams or your overall happiness and mental wellbeing.


You'll finally move past cycles of compare and despair, questioning if you have what it takes to succeed, and waiting for someone else to confirm that you're heading in the right direction.


You won't be outsourcing your decisions, your confidence, or overthinking and calculating what roles you "might be able to book." 


You'll be crystal clear about what you actually desire and start moving towards it with full fucking belief that it's already yours.


Because deep down, you know that if you could have it your way, you WANT to keep performing. 

MOMENTUM is raising the bar for

what it looks and feels like to be in this industry. 


The Performers Plan™ is raising the bar for what it looks and feels like to be in this industry. 



In order to actually have the career that you want, there's a few things need to happen. 


First, I'm going to help you bring your dreams back to the here and now - not somewhere off in the future.


When things aren't happening in the way that we thought that they would, our brains like to make up Stories to avoid the discomfort.

You (un)consciously tell ourselves lies like:


  • I'm doing everything that I can.
  • It’s just not my time.
  • I just need to be patient.
  • Maybe I'm not good enough.
  • It would be easier to do something else.


You start making up hypothetical timelines in your brain that moves your dreams further away from right here, right now.


I'm going to help you cut that shit out, so you don't minimize your dream to what feels realistic - and instead, step into expansive possibility with belief.


Then, I'm going to give you the tools to create next-level emotional awareness, internal safety, and self trust.


It's essential to understand what's happening in your emotional world - mentally and physically - while you're trying to create new results.


Denying the truth of what your body is experiencing, will only lead to more resistance. 


Because you can't outrun your nervous system.


I'm going to teach you how to feel safe enough to slow down and acknowledge all parts of you with love and compassion, so you can literally have your own back through any circumstance.


It will change how you relate to yourself and every single thing in your life.


This is how I help my clients move from sadness, confusion, guilt, and regret about their lives and careers - to creating magical shit, regularly.


Because trying to manifest the life you want by feeling good - without understanding and partnering with your emotions in real time - is the least effective way to manifest.


On top of experiencing an increase in opportunities - my clients genuinely LOVE, enjoy, and feel proud of being in this career path - even when they're in between contracts - instead of feeling desperate, embarrassed and unsuccessful. 


To me, that is the bigger flex.


And I've found the simplest way to do it.


You have to:
Manage your mind
Decide who you are
Love yourself and your decisions


This simple process - when actually implemented and EMBODIED - is the thing that creates being fully resourced for a sustainable career in the industry.
It is the foundation for your entire career as an actor, singer, or dancer.


The same process will guide you from landing your first professional gig to walking in true EGOT power.

Coaching has helped me reframe and refocus my relationship to literally everything. The groundedness, peace, joy, confidence, the ability to trust myself, to trust my instincts - have been exponential.

J. Harrison Ghee

This is your chance to recommit to letting your dream feel good - TODAY. 











On top of feeling more connected to your goals and having a stable emotional experience - you're also going to know that you're in control of your career.


You'll be making powerful decisions quickly and effortlessly, implementing new ideas, and taking action - without letting fear keep you paralyzed and stuck.


You're going to feel safe to enjoy the unknown - because that's where all the magic lives.


You won't be hyper focused on the gatekeepers or "unfairness" of the industry or trying to get the lowdown from your friends.


  • How many auditions have you been getting?
  • Are your agents submitting you for lots?
  • (Or did they forget about you, too?)
  • Did you hear back about that project yet?
  • (aka, did callbacks go out and did I NOT get one?)


You'll be too busy feeling fucking on FIRE and you'll be asking yourself better questions about all the potent, inspired as fuck action you CAN take.


  • What feels like a Fuck Yes today?
  • What beliefs do I want to practice about myself?
  • Where is my mindset getting stuck?
  • What coaching will shift my energy to my Highest Self?
  • Who do I want to connect with?
  • Where am I being called to next?


I'm going to teach you a powerful evaluation process, so that after every audition, class, or workshop - you'll know exactly what YOU want to do next for your career.
*Aka, you never have to feel hopeless or stuck because you've done everything you can, while waiting for the hypothetical feedback you never got.


You'll spend all of your time and energy in a focused and efficient way to create exactly what you want.


The thing that's been taking up months of brain space...


  • Picking a headshot photographer
  • Taking a voice lesson to pick the songs for your book
  • Submitting to a new agent or rep
  • Figuring out if you want to identify as an actor, singer, dancer - or some combination of the three
  • Creating a reel
  • Debating about joining the union or not
  • Musical theater or concert dance or commercial
  • Finding a new survival job
  • Making a website
  • Polling your friends about whether you should change your look
  • Feeling conflicted about whether to go to ECCs or wait for an appointment


... can actually be a very simple decision.


The indecision creates a mental load that has you swimming in hypothetical outcomes, worst case scenarios, and fear of wasting time, money, and energy.


The truth is not deciding is already costing you a fuck ton of time, money, and energy.

Because avoiding making the wrong decision is preventing you from making any decision.


Inside of The Performers Plan™ when you realize you have a decision to make, you'll get coached, make a clean decision that feels best for you (without influence of everyone else's opinions), and then implement it - TODAY. Not later.


You'll stop getting distracted by what other people are doing or spinning in back and forth confusion about what to do next.


You're going to understand to your bones that there isn't one good, bad, right, or wrong decision - only what feels like a Fuck Yes for you right here, right now.


You'll hear it, honor it, and go do it.


In time, flexing your self trust muscles and coming back to your own intuition will allow decision making to be easy breezy.


And then, you'll actually have brain space, energy, and the capacity to give love to creative projects, personal goals, and the people in your life who matter.



MOMENTUM reconnects you to you - and puts you back in creative control of your life and career.

Here are the details.


When you sign up for MOMENTUM, you'll get instant access to your Members Area and The Performers Plan™ so you can begin with the MIND Module. Once you complete it, you'll unlock the BODY, MONEY, and COMMITMENT Modules.


There are no rules! You are the captain of your ship. Binge the entire course, before going back to rewatch each lesson video. Take 30 days. Give yourself a weekend. You decide.


Once you're in, you're in for life. You get lifetime access to the Program and all future updates, bonus content, or additional material that's added for free.99.


What’s Inside The Performers Plan™

Module 1



This Module serves as the foundation for the entire Program. You're going to learn how to start understanding your brain, your thoughts, and your emotions. Then you're going to consciously choose who you want to be and become the person who has what you really want.
This Module alone will change your life.
Module 2


This Module offers you the opportunity to feel genuine love for your body, find freedom around eating, and discover deep appreciation for being alive. When you establish wellness through worthiness, there's so much more time and energy to do what you love. 
Module 3


You can't create financial freedom without loving your money, honey! In this Module, we're running head first towards your limiting beliefs about making and having money. This Module introduces you to simple budgeting and the key to mastering your Money Mindset.
Module 4


Say hello to radical responsibility for your actions and time management. Get ready to create your life and fully commit to the career you want to have, no matter what circumstances are happening around you. 
This is how you get new results.

Once you're in, you're in for life.

 In addition to the Program Modules, you also get Lifetime Access to: 

Live Calls

Hosted on Zoom

for biweekly LIVE Coaching to integrate what you're learning from the Program and what you're facing in your career - in real time. Whether you're getting coached or observing, you will experience powerful breakthroughs in your mindset, thought work, and decision making - always leading you back to you.


Members Only Community

Private Facebook Group for The Performers Plan™ 

to stay connected, inspired, and supported on a daily basis. To normalize celebrating the fuck out of yourself regularly and be surrounded by other performers who are going for it - full out with feeling - and actually LOVING it.


Ask a Coach & More

Unlimited 1:1 Coaching

through Ask A Coach to get your questions answered or go deeper with your self coaching. Use this tool to navigate any circumstance in your career by writing in 24/7 and receive a response back within 24-48 hours. You also get The Performers Plan™ Workbook, and all future updates and Bonus Content added to the Program



When you join MOMENTUM—

  • You master loving yourself and your career.
  • You genuinely enjoy auditioning.
  • You believe in the opportunities you want ahead of time.
  • You book more work.
  • You trust yourself as the Highest Authority.
  • We work together for life.
I don't remember the last time I didn't feel confident about what I was doing. I'm able to navigate being an artist much easier - the life of an artist is easier.
Hannah B.
I'm most proud of realizing that I actually do know what I want. And now, it's not that I consult less, but I consult myself more.
Hazel Karooma-Brooker
I know that I am capable of doing the work. Everything I do is evidence that I'm a professional actor and the momentum is still going
Erin B.
My entire life is different and at the core of it, it’s knowing that I am the one who gets to decide. Less trying to make do with what I'm given and instead just choosing what I want.
Madison Sorrentino
I’m stepping into myself in a way that I’ve never done before - as the most stretched, open, and free. I got what I came for, I feel powerful, and I’m really enjoying every aspect of my life!
Kim Blanck
There was so much cleaning up to do in my mind, and once I committed to noticing my thoughts and believing new ones, I've gotten to create everything I've ever wanted - in every aspect of my life. 
Rachel Josefina

Meet Your Coach



Hi, I'm Kelli Youngman.

I'm a Broadway Performer and Life Coach that facilitates life-changing transformation. 

We do the deep work and have a lot of freaking fun.


I know firsthand that this works, because I've used coaching to create radical shifts in my own life, as well as in my clients' lives.

When I first started using manifestation principles, I direct booked my Broadway debut while taking a nap in Starbucks! Using my energy and intention, I allowed a 10-show contract to effortlessly become 6 months of performances and getting to be part of the closing company.

My entire career has felt this magically delish - always knowing I'll end up exactly where I'm meant to be.

Everything changed for me when I became a coach, because in addition to understanding how the Universe works, I finally learned how to be with myself in any experience and love myself, exactly as I am.

I stopped being afraid of my negative emotions and fearing that I was keeping my desires away from me. I stopped trying to change the people around me. I stopped thinking I was better than other humans who weren't living by these principles. I stopped trying to be perfect in order to earn the love, respect, and approval of others.

Coaching has given me the gift of moving through my life with 100% authenticity while allowing myself to have any experience that I desire.

I've watched myself have my own back and be so genuinely okay in challenging circumstances, to a degree that I didn't know was possible - I'm talking business launch during a cancer scare while moving mid-pandemic (!!)

I've created new possibilities for myself, my family, my relationships in general, and the impact that I can have in the world - because I'm now willing to hold the full responsibility of my life experience from a place of radical self trust.

All because, I have the capacity to see all parts of me and remain committed to the truth - the truth of who I am, what I'm feeling, and what I desire.

I love sharing this work with anyone who chooses to engage with it, because I know with 100% certainty that it will transform your life and expand the depths of your human experience.

I look forward to supporting you!


With love,


Are you ready to finally feel successful and full-body proud of what you're creating?


You can stop wasting your precious time and energy second guessing yourself. Give yourself a clear plan for being fully resourced and supported as an actor, singer, or dancer - for the rest of you career.


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