The Performers Plan™


The Performers Plan™ is the only Lifetime Membership program of its kind where you'll learn how to approach your mind, body, money, and commitment with intention in order to create the career you truly desire.


The Performers Plan™ will introduce you to a new way of living and experiencing your life as a performer. 

What’s Inside The Performers Plan™

Module 1

The Power of Your Mind


This Module serves as the foundation for the entire Program. You're going to learn how to start understanding your brain, your thoughts, and your emotions. Then you're going to consciously choose who you want to be and become the person who has what you really want.
This Module alone will change your life.


Module 2

Caring for Your Physical Self

This Module offers you the opportunity to feel genuine love for your body, find freedom around eating, and discover deep appreciation for being alive. When you establish wellness through worthiness, there's so much more time and energy to do what you love. 

Module 3

Loving Your Money

You can't create financial freedom without loving your money, honey! In this Module, we're running head first towards your limiting beliefs about making and having money. This Module introduces you to simple budgeting and the key to mastering your Money Mindset.

Module 4

Creating the Life You Want

Say hello to radical responsibility for your actions and time management. Get ready to create your life and fully commit to the career you want to have, no matter what circumstances are happening around you. This is how you get results.

Once you're in, you're in for life.


In addition to the Program Modules, you also get Lifetime Access to:  

Members Only Community

Private Facebook Group for The Performers Plan™ 

to stay connected, inspired, and supported.


Live Calls

Hosted on Zoom

with the opportunity for Group Coaching, accountability, and continued learning.


Bonus Content and Resources

Additional support for your career as a Performer

including unlimited coaching through Ask A Coach, a growing library of Resources, Bonus content and more!




Kelli Youngman is quite possibly the most positive person I have ever known. Her drive and passion for her career and the people around her are inspiring. I am excited for any person who is lucky enough to get the opportunity to work along side her. Her brand of fairy dust is one not to be forgotten!


Christy Altomare

Broadway Actress + Singer-Songwriter

I highly recommend The Performers Plan, especially to kids graduating college or right out of school. Such an excellent way to get your life on track in many different areas. The confidence I gained through the program is awesome!

Halle Mastroberardino

Point Park University

I loved my experience with Kelli!! She was so personable and knowledgeable. It made me feel completely at ease and without pressure. She has a great way of finding exactly what you need to achieve your goals and presenting those ideas in a way that makes them feel attainable!

Jason Williams

Writer + Actor

The Importance of Self Care Rituals changed my world! I wish I had found this program early on in my school career! This should be included in freshman BFA programs, I would have been so much better off as a human had I known how to organize, take care of myself, and set me up for success.

Mikayla Renfrow

University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music

Kelli was incredible. She really did replenish my soul. Not only did I learn about nutrition, but I learned about how I really truly deserve to take care of myself and to welcome healthier thoughts. Thank you, Kelli!

Carol Angeli

Broadway Performer  + Dancer

I really think there are lots of people who could benefit from the wisdom that The Performers Plan offers. I also really enjoyed that it was so easily accessible online and that we have a community of other performers to share our lessons and findings with!

Mei-Li Cellino-Jacques

Marist College

Kelli was great and very supportive! Wellness through Worthiness changed my mindset around my eating habits. I feel prepared to continue supporting my wellness.

Carole J.

Actress + Singer